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Rainbow Bridge

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Mr. Tux
Mr Tux was a great cat - sweet, loving, and playful cat, who loved to sleep with the fosters. Unfortunately he was FELV positive. He was fine until one day when he didn’t eat dinner, then the next day started having labored breathing and X-rays revealed how compromised his lungs had become. Mr. Tux was humanely and peacefully put to sleep. He was on the SJACC Needs Rescue List a year ago and 13th St Cats stepped up to help him. Because of our foster homes and all our supporters, Mr. Tux was able to have another year of quality life; no other rescue group was willing to take the chance on a faint positive FELV cat, but 13th St Cats did, and our lives are the richer for it. He will be missed. 5/1/12-2/24/14

Pip was a wonderful little Maine Coon tuxedo kitty who fell victim to urethane sensitization when his foster home replaced their floors and didn't tell us. They were mislead to believe all materials were safe to use around animals. The MSDS showed otherwise and, more importantly, little animals can't tolerate as much as big animals and he and his sister both got sensitized to it. On their second exposure (returning to home after a petfair) both little kitties had allergic reactions of the GI tract, having repeated vomiting and pooping over and over in the course of a couple hours. Both were pulled out of the home, of course. Pip's big sister was able to survive the situation. Little Pip wasn't and died after we tried extensive allergy and anti-vomit meds to get him through it; but it was too much for his little body. Pip was a joy to be around, because even though he wasn't so well he still loved people and to be a part of a family. I can still see him at the top of the stairs looking down at me. We are so sad he couldn't be saved. Please always ask to see an MSDS for any new material you or your pets may be exposed to; it's your right. RIP 5/10/13-8/12/13

This is Max at the open house Oct 2013 – it epitomizes the trouper he was to us! Max starting having seizures at 5months of age, requiring 2 times a day meds. Sadly, Max went to the Rainbow bridge 12/14/13. His loss was unexpected as he was fine one night and then gravely ill the next day, having discharge out of his eyes, nose, and mouth, and injuries to his lower lip on both sides of his mouth and bit off part of his tongue on both sides. He was not having obvious seizures; but he appeared to have limited feeling in his body, had become incontinent, and was very lethargic and unresponsive. When his temperature dropped to 90 degrees, and he was paralyzed from the neck down, and it was clear there was no coming back from this situation. Max is now in a better place, we’re sure - seizure free, playing, running, grooming the dog, basking in the sunlight on the cat tree, and enjoying his canned food, while waiting for all the kind people who cared about him, all his kitty-friends and siblings (esp. Tucker), and his dog friends, till it’s their time to go to the Rainbow Bridge. We want to thank everyone who so kindly sponsored Max; he had a good extra 4 months, we’re so sad it couldn’t have been a longer life, but it just wasn’t to be. RIP Max 3/20/13-12/14/13

Ashley, along with her sisters were found walking the streets alone in the downtown area in August of 2012. Ashley and her sister Winona were adopted by a wonderful family who has an older cat, and two dogs. They were home at last. Winona has found comfort with Stella, the older cat in the family, while Ashley loved the companionship of the dogs and the humans in her life. It is with great sadness that Ashley lost her battle after being diagnosed with FIP. Here is what her family had to say about their beloved Ashley. “My beautiful sweet Ashley crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 17, 2013 a month after she was diagnosed with FIP. She was a fearless and peaceful cat who loved all other souls - feline, canine, and human. This picture was her first and last Christmas. She spent many happy hours climbing up and down the tree. Her family misses her.

♥ Becky
Sadly, our little Becky unexpectedly passed over the Rainbow Bridge, 5/5/11, after a brief downturn in her “normal lifestyle”. The vet suspected liver infection and electrolyte imbalance and we brought her home to treat her, but as soon as we got her home, back in her space, she passed away. We’re sure at the Rainbow Bridge she’s met up with her little brother, Pumpkin, who passed away in ‘07 at only 1 month of age, with the same odd medical condition, before we knew as much about controlling it. It’s certain the two of them are happy to be reunited and seizure-free, and are playing, especially tag - something Becky never was able to learn to do. They always loved each other as kittens, and they’ll be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for the rest of their litter siblings, who were healthy; for Dan, Janice and Ann who always tried so hard to take good care of Becky; and for all the kind folks who supported Becky through the years, always wishing her the best. May every moment for Becky now be nothing but healthy and fun. Sept 01, 2007 - May 5, 2011

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