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Simon was a much-beloved foster at 13th St. Cats. When we rescued him from a busy parking lot he was near-death...his diabetes was raging out of control, and he was on his 9th life. Hurting and in great pain, he struck out angrily at anyone who attempted to handle him...and since he needed insulin twice a day, his caretakers at 13th St. Cats received many many well-timed scratches! However, we saw something special in this fiercely protective gray tabby, and over time, as we brought his diabetes (and underlying bowel disease) under control as best we could, he gradually saw our wonderful volunteers as friends, not enemies. He became a loving, very chatty cat (who could still give a swipe or two now and again to keep us on our toes!) who had a host of cheerleaders who adored him. Simon's purr was something to hear--you could actually feel it from the other side of the room. He just loved getting attention, and thanks to his squadron of fans (i.e., loving volunteers) he lived the best life we could give him until we sadly lost him to his diseases. His foster knows he is in kitty heaven now, happily bossing angel attendants around... and while we miss him terribly, we are content he is without pain and will never have another needle poking him.

Marcie was dropped off in a cardboard box outside the cat hospital in campbell. They called our rescue to see if we could take in a friendly, young cat. When we got her- Marcie turned out to be just the opposite. She was older-- and very cranky!!! She wanted nothing to do with people for the longest time- hiding in her enclosure and swatting anyone who came near. It took a few months but suddenly- overnight- there was a huge change. She accepted pets and loved her treats. She had a loud, gruff meow -- sounded like she had been a chain smoker her entire life. She started calling out as soon as the door opened and she did not let up. She had all of us volunteers wrapped around her paw. ---- she was very loved and very spoiled. We all called her the queen. One day, her eye had some blood on it and she started getting meds for high BP. She was doing well but one day she had less energy but was still up for treats. That afternoon- we found her on the floor of her room and she was gone. She has left a large void in our hearts-- she was one of a kind and we will miss her always


This is a photo of Yoda with his brother, Vader. Yoda came from a litter of 10 kittens, yes 10! and he was the only ginger in the litter. 

Yoda had a very sweet and cuddly disposition and absolutely loved sleeping right next to his mama’s neck. 

Rest in peace, sweet angel, Yoda.heart

Mr. Tux
Mr Tux was a great cat - sweet, loving, and playful cat, who loved to sleep with the fosters. Unfortunately he was FELV positive. He was fine until one day when he didn’t eat dinner, then the next day started having labored breathing and X-rays revealed how compromised his lungs had become. Mr. Tux was humanely and peacefully put to sleep. He was on the SJACC Needs Rescue List a year ago and 13th St Cats stepped up to help him. Because of our foster homes and all our supporters, Mr. Tux was able to have another year of quality life; no other rescue group was willing to take the chance on a faint positive FELV cat, but 13th St Cats did, and our lives are the richer for it. He will be missed. 5/1/12-2/24/14

Pip was a wonderful little Maine Coon tuxedo kitty who fell victim to urethane sensitization when his foster home replaced their floors and didn't tell us. They were mislead to believe all materials were safe to use around animals. The MSDS showed otherwise and, more importantly, little animals can't tolerate as much as big animals and he and his sister both got sensitized to it. On their second exposure (returning to home after a petfair) both little kitties had allergic reactions of the GI tract, having repeated vomiting and pooping over and over in the course of a couple hours. Both were pulled out of the home, of course. Pip's big sister was able to survive the situation. Little Pip wasn't and died after we tried extensive allergy and anti-vomit meds to get him through it; but it was too much for his little body. Pip was a joy to be around, because even though he wasn't so well he still loved people and to be a part of a family. I can still see him at the top of the stairs looking down at me. We are so sad he couldn't be saved. Please always ask to see an MSDS for any new material you or your pets may be exposed to; it's your right. RIP 5/10/13-8/12/13

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