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How To Control Feral Cats Using Trap-Neuter-Return


Our neighborhood faces a population crisis of homeless cats, many of them feral and too wild to be placed in homes. They reproduce rapidly and, as their numbers grow, so does noise, odor and other problems. But there is something you can do!

What is Trap-Neuter-Return(TNR)?

Trap-neuter-return (TNR) involves trapping all the cats in a colony, getting them spayed/neutered, adopting out the kittens and friendly cats, then returning the wild adults to their territory and providing them with food and shelter. TNR eliminates or significantly reduces the noise from fighting, odor from spraying, and more litters of kittens. 

This progressive approach is fast becoming the preferred method of street cat population control throughout San Jose and across the nation. Numerous animal welfare agencies have endorsed TNR and its use grows every day.

Have Feral Cats Near Your Home or Office?

Please consider trapping them and getting them fixed! Trapping feral cats is very easy and there are many free/low-cost resources available for getting the animals spayed/neutered. We can loan you traps and provide you with the personalized instruction you need to be successful right away.

Don't delay! Adult cats can reproduce at any time so trap them now before the problem gets worse!

How to Conduct TNR:


You can do TNR!You Can Do TNR!

Have Questions or Need Advice?

Contact us to borrow a trap or if you need advice on how to trap them, we'll show you how it's done, or if you have any questions that aren't answered here email us: TNR@13thstcats.org

Attend A FREE Workshop to Learn More!

We hold free, training workshop every few months at San Jose Animal Care Center, 2750 Monterey Rd, San Jose. Learn TNR from our experienced volunteers and have all of your questions answered.

Find out when the next training is! Check our Facebook Page or email us: TNR@13thstcats.org

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