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Adoption Process & Online Application

Thank You for wanting to adopt!


We've gathered some helpful information and links for both adopters and our community.

How can I meet a cat, kitten or dog I see on this website?

To meet our rescued cats/kitten:

All of our kitties are in foster homes; some can be seen at the foster homes, or at an upcoming Adoption Fair.

We try our best to match our cats to the perfect homes, and match them based on their personalities, not their looks. Adoptions are not done on a first come, first serve basis, rather in the order of what homes are the right match for that particular cat.

What to expect after an adoption is approved.

Once an adoption is approved, one of our volunteers will deliver the cat or kitten to your home. 

I don't live near San Jose, can I still adopt from 13thstcats.org?

Please note, that we are a small organization. Some of our cats and kittens can be adopted/delivered up to an hour away from San Jose, while others may only be adoptable within 30 miles.

To meet cats/kittens in our foster care program:

Online Adoption Application


To meet cats/kittens/dogs in
our courtesy listings:

For Courtesy Listings: please contact the caregiver directly if given in the bio, or email us at courtesylisting [ at ] 13thstcats.org 

What to do if you haven't heard back from us?

With COVID 19 we are receiving at least 10 applications for every cat we post.
We are trying our best to keep up with the increased application volume.  

We ask for your understanding. We are an all-volunteer organization and many of us have full-time jobs outside of our volunteer activities; therefore, it may be a few days before someone can respond to your email. We always try to reply as soon as possible. 



Adopting Cats & Kittens In Our Foster Care Program

The kitties are for adoption, not for sale.
The adoption fee for cats and kittens is $150 ($250 for two) to help cover some of our food and veterinary expenses. If paying the adoption fee online, there is an additional $5 processing fee for online payments to help cover the PayPal fees:  $155 for a single kitten, or $255 for two.

All cats and kittens are:

We will ask you some questions about your home and we will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Adopting a kitty is a long-term commitment; the average life span for a kitty is 15-20 years.

Most of our cats are in foster homes with other cats. They get lonely and bored without the company of their own kind, just like people. We try to place cats that enjoy the company of other cats in a home where there is feline companionship. But we do have many cats that would be happy to be the only cat in your life!

Regardless of how an animal comes to us, we provide food, shelter, and medical care. The animals do not live in cages but in volunteer foster homes. We usually know the personalities of the cats and kittens we rescue, so we can tell you which cat or kitten(s) might be the best match for you and/or the feline companion you already have.


Why are some kittens only available in pairs
or with a bonded littermate?

Because kittens play together, sleep together, and keep each other company while you are at work all day long! When kittens have each other to roughhouse with, they are less likely to break or chew things, attack or bite you when they play, or keep you up all night. Basically, they teach each other manners and keep each other out of trouble.

We may have kittens who prefer to be any only kitty and would be fine on their own; we may be able help you find a kitten with that temperament. 

Click here to learn more about adopting kittens in pairs »


What if things don't work out?

We work hard to make the right matches and care deeply about our rescues.  Please call us if there are issues, we usually can work you through a problem and solve it for you and the cat!.  If the problem can’t be solved, PLEASE do not give the cat away, or take them to a local shelter where they may be killed, we may want to take the cat back for rehoming through our organization.


Click for 13thstcats.org Adoption and Event Schedule


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